About The Blowin' Smoke Podcast

A gift and a magazine.

  The beginnings of what would become the Blowin' Smoke Podcast can really be traced back to those two things. The gift was an iPod given to me at the close of the 2004 Western Pennsylvania Cigar Crawl as a thank you from all the people that attended. It was a fantastic, thoughtful gift from a bunch of people I am honored to call friends.

  Not long after, my daughter was taking swimming lessons at the local YMCA, and I was browsing the various magazines in the lobby looking for something to flip through when the March 2005 issue of Wired magazine caught my eye. The cover shouted 'the end of radio' and featured a piece on former MTV veejay Adam Curry and this relatively new thing growing out there called podcasting. The seeds were planted.

  With extra credit given to, then girlfriend now wife, Robyn, later that year,
the Blowin' Smoke Podcast was launched!

The mission: Deliver the herf experience on demand.

  The Blowin' Smoke Podcast and website is the synthesis of entertainment, opinion, and madness along with real, down-to-earth cigar smokers, all glued together by a love of fine cigars.

~ Rob