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Episode #80 - LIVE from the Havana Room @ Chez Rob

Recorded: 2009-03-15
Cigar of the Day: CAO LX2 Beli

  In honor of St. Paddys Day, the Council of Cretins boiled their cigars prior to herfing! The Havana Room at Chez Rob was again the site for Blowin' Smoke #80 with a full cast of Cretins and a brand new Cigar of the Day...the CAO LX2 Beli. LX2 means "ligero times two" and we were excited to spark 'em up and take 'em for a spin. Episode 80 also serves up a new Cigar Match: Rumble in the Bundle for you to vote on, as well as SCHIP thoughts, news from the net, a new Minute with Travis, a brand new 5 Things and more. Plus, what not to do with bullets. So, grab an adult beverage, your favorite cigar and spark it up! It's Blowin' Smoke #80 comin' at ya!

Episode #81 - LIVE from the Havana Room @ Chez Rob

Recorded: 2009-03-29
Cigar of the Day: Torano - Casa Torano Maduro Toro

  Back for more, it's Blowin' Smoke #81! LIVE from the Havana Room, the Council of Cretins managed to escape the paparazzi long enough to herf the latest Cigar of the Day...the Torano Casa Torano Maduro Toro. Along with listener email and more SCHIP bullcrap, the conversation also turned to what to do with those bestiality home videos you might have laying around, having a friend for dinner, cussin' at WalMart, and advice for groomzillas. Watch out for a new Minute with Travis and 5 Things for your pondering too. It's a jam packed Blowin' Smoke #81 and it's coming at you right now.

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