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Pick It/Flick it - Diggin' In

Posted: 2009-08-04

  From time to time, your Freako may have the opportunity to try something new (or new to him), take a particular product out for a spin, or offer personal compare and contrast observations. When I do, you'll find it here under Pick It or Flick It.

Hey, everybody! More cigar reviews!

Wrongo, my brothers and sisters. The Cretins and I review cigars on the Blowin' Smoke Podcast for you all the time giving you a variety of honest, personal opinions in a fun package. We've got cigar reviews covered. Quite frankly, most online cigar reviews are about as exciting as watching paint dry. Really now, does a picture of a half-smoked cigar or the unlit foot of a cigar sway you toward or away from sampling a stick? I digress.

What you can expect more of in Pick It or Flick It is the other stuff. A review of a new cigar cutter gizmo. Humidor accessories. Website reviews. Network newsbabes. Which bourbon pairs best with chocolate chip cookies? The other stuff. While you might get a cigar review in Pick It or Flick It, there will be a good reason for it.

Stay tuned for more Pick It / Flick It, and feel free to suggest something for me to review. I can't be expected to think all the time.

Promos & Events - Blowin' Smoke's Big Ass Birthday 2009

Posted: 2009-08-04

  It's that time again, campers!

The Blowin' Smoke Podcast is turning 4, and you know what that means.

We herf! Join us!

Slippery Rock Cigars

Saturday, November 14, 2009
2:00 p.m. until Joe says so

Special deals! Big Ass Birthday Cake! And more!
Great Cigars - Great People - Great Time

Plus, a special LIVE recording of Blowin' Smoke!

Check back here for updates...

Episode #90 - LIVE from the Havana Room @ Chez Rob

Recorded: 2009-08-17
Cigar of the Day: Don Pepin Garcia Black Edition 1950

  On a hot summer night inside the Havana Room, it's Blowin' Smoke #90!

With a full house the Council of Cretins sparked up a new Cigar of the Day, the Don Pepin Garcia Black Edition 1950, and cracked a few cold ones while we talked about the Michael Vick / NFL relationship, what to do with the remaining days of summer, and, along with our Tweeps on Twitter, some of the cigars to look for following the annual IPCPR trade show.

Plus, a must read from the National Center for Policy Analysis...haven't we been saying this like forever??

We also read some listener emails, gave 5 Things duties to Dirty Uncle Kevin and enjoyed a new Minute with Travis.

We also announced the launch of the brand new website (but, like you're here already) at and more!

Check it out! Blowin' Smoke #90 is just a click away!

Don't forget to checkout The New Federal Tobacco Tax: Who Loses?

From the Man Chair - Allow Me To Explain

Posted: 2009-08-20

  Hence embedded in the divine and righteous Man Chair, with a smoldering Augusto Reyes Nativo corona, I feel compelled to explain, or perhaps educate those who have not completely grasped the increasingly popular Stoopid Movie Thursday Herf concept.

If you are a herf virgin, you will not understand immediately, but you will understand eventually. Herf professionals, you may need a refresher from time to time. It's easy to begin taking yourself too seriously...unlike the Man Chair, of course.

The Stoopid Movie Thursday Herf is not about movies stupid or otherwise, and it is not about Thursdays. It's about the Herf, people. The Herf.

It's about pressing the pause button and slowing down. It's the sublime ceremony of enjoying a fine cigar in good company. It's about friends and inside jokes. It's about ligero, olor, and Connecticut shade. It's about sports and politics, beer and bourbon, Ginger and Mary Ann. It's about escaping for a while. It's about anything you want it to be and nothing you don't, because it's about the Herf...cigars and people.

While Stoopid Movie Thursday Herfs do generally include a movie, they are background...irrelevant. This is why the Man Chair scours the bargain rack at the local video store for the truly lame options that will fit the background noise designation perfectly...such as any movie starring Paris Hilton or Pauly Shore. That, and the Man Chair is a cheap bastard.

If you don't, make time to herf. A little or a lot, it doesn't matter as long as you herf. Whether it is Stoopid Movie Thursday Herfs, Fridays at the cigar shop, Wednesday poker nights, or Mondays in the garage, it's about the Herf.

And that's the way I see it From the Man Chair.

Pick It/Flick it - Bacardi Classic Mojito

Posted: 2009-08-20

  If you have ever ordered a classic Cuban mojito, you've probably enjoyed watching it being made as much as the drink itself. It takes a good bit of effort with muddling lime, sugar and fresh mint for each individual drink along with all the other ingredients. Traditionally mojitos feature rum but the drink has seen tweaks over time and it is common to see vodka used as well. The result is a highball style cocktail that is cold, sweet and refreshing on a hot day as well as potent enough to knock you around a little if you aren't careful.

The Bacardi Classic Mojito is part of their 'ready to drink' line for those of us who want the mojito experience without the mojito work. As with most ready to drink types, you sacrifice alcohol content for the convenience factor as this checks in at 30 proof.

I fired up an Oliva V Double Toro for this pairing expecting a mega sweet drink that would need some spicy balance. Simply poured over ice, the Bacardi Classic Mojito is sweet (it's supposed to be), but it isn't sickening sweet, and the V did a pretty good job of allowing the lime and mint to come through without burying them too much. What it is missing is the rum flavor. It's subtle. The Oliva V...not so much. I'm guessing almost any cigar rating a medium or stronger profile will treat this drink the same way and leave you wanting a little more oomph.

For an easy, low octane refreshing cocktail (serve it very cold) that won't kill the budget at around $14, the Bacardi Classic Mojito is fine. For that traditional Cuban cocktail with a fine cigar, which is what I'm looking for, it's lacking. Pack some more rum or consult your local mixologist for the real thing.

I'm gonna flick this one.

Episode #91 - LIVE from the Havana Room @ Chez Rob

Recorded: 2009-08-30
Cigar of the Day: Mystery Cigar

  With a cool breeze blowing through the Havana Room, it's Blowin' Smoke #91!

An exciting show is lined up for ya with a Mystery Cigar of the Day up for review. The Cretins were clueless, but your El Freako knew and was surprised by some of the feedback. We checked out some listener emails and got caught up with Brothers Vince and Marc since their last appearances, plus Marc gave 5 Things a try.

We had fun with our friends on Twitter too with "ask the Cretins anything day."

We also welcome Don Gonzalez Cigars on board as a new Blowin' Smoke sponsor with a chance for you to take part in a fun contest / promotion. But you have to act quickly, campers! Listen to find out how and be sure to check back here at the Blowin' Smoke website for more fun stuff too.

So, grab your favorite cigar and fire it up. It's Blowin' Smoke #91.

Don't forget to checkout The Don Gonzalez Cigars Fantasy Football League

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