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From the Man Chair - Evolution: From Birth to Herf

Posted: 2009-11-05

  Hence embedded in the divine and righteous Man Chair with a Don Gonzalez Corojo Robusto, I got to thinking about the recent changes in the conversations between your Freako and the fabulous Girl Wonder.

What used to be the sharing of mindless stories of the day's happenings at the orifice, discussions of the latest political ankle grabbing in Washington, or the current drama bubbling up from our collective families has been replaced by talk about the baby. Of course it has. There's a baby in the house and life pretty much revolves around the baby for a while, but I recently realized a close relationship between the baby topics of conversation and the average herf conversations that take place everywhere.

With a baby, you talk about naps. At a herf, you talk about cigars.

With a baby, you talk about how many bottles baby has had. At a herf, you talk about how many cigars you've had.

With baby, you talk about baby's development and learning. At a herf, you talk about your cigar history, the cigars you enjoy currently and why.

With a baby, you talk about poopy diapers and describe the contents relative to diet. At a herf, you talk about various cigars and describe their flavor, strength and body relative to the tobaccos in them.

With a baby, you relate baby's temperment with his diet and sleep schedule. At a herf, you relate cigars to various drink pairings, meals and times of day.

See what I mean? Sure there is small talk, political banter and general ball busting at a herf too, but the basics are almost always estabished early on to open the door for the other stuff.

I think when I introduce my son to the herf as a young man, in addition to the box of cigars I have set aside until his 18th or 21st birthday, I'll bring out the pictures of him as he is today at exactly one month old and try to recall the way his mother and I feel right now about him coming into our lives. Then, after some father/son formalities, begin a new era of herfing for me. Herfing with my son...something I never got to do with my dad. What awaits us between birth and herf remains to be seen, but those cigars will certainly be worth waiting for.

And that's the way I see it...From the Man Chair.

Episode #96 - LIVE from Slippery Rock Cigars

Recorded: 2009-11-15
Cigar of the Day: Punch Uppercut Toro

  LIVE from Slippery Rock Cigars in scenic Slippery Rock, Pennsylvania, it's the Blowin' Smoke Podcast Big Ass 4th Birthday!

With a packed house and a dense cloud of smoke, we celebrated another year of on-demand herf excellence...the Blowin' Smoke Podcast. Many thanks to all our sponsors and especially you, our listeners, without whom none of this would be possible.

With big ass birthday cake waiting, and plenty of beer, bourbon and scotch, we sparked up a new Cigar of the Day...the new Uppercut from Punch. With a name like that, you're gonna want to hear what the Council of Cretins had to say about it. AND, Joe at Slippery Rock Cigars has some great deals for you heard only on this show and they are for a limited time. So, pay attention!

We also checked out the latest Cigar Match statistics with the official Blowin' Smoke statistician, a new 5 Things, some poetry to get you into the holiday cigar spirit, and a new Minute with Travis. Plus, listener email and much more including the links below.

So, grab a fine cigar, your favorite adult beverage, and celebrate 4 years of the Blowin' Smoke Podcast along with us! Thank you for listening and stay tuned for even bigger and better things in the coming weeks and months right here on Blowin' Smoke! Long ashes!

Don't forget to checkout Need a gift idea for mom?, AND an addendum to the show. Your Freako has this problem ALL the time.

Episode #97 - LIVE from the Havana Room @ Chez Rob

Recorded: 2009-11-30
Cigar of the Day: Brick House Toro

  Finally awakening from our turkey-induced slumber, it's Blowin' Smoke #97!

Gather 'round the leftovers, children, and let the Blowin' Smoke Cretins tell you about the new Cigar of the Day...the new Brick House Toro from J.C. Newman and the latest pairing in the Cigar Match: Rumble in the Bundle. Along with a new Minute with Travis and 5 Things, we also talked about weird beer names, weird ball games and really weird widower games.

As if that's not enough, there's another great gift idea for mom straight from China. She'll love it!

So, grab a drink and spark a cigar! It's Blowin' Smoke #97 straight ahead!

Don't forget to checkout Another great gift idea for mom! , OK, maybe try this first.

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