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Episode #146 - LIVE from the Havana Room

Recorded: 2011-12-10
Cigar of the Day: Liga Undercrown Gran Toro

  Giddy with excitement, and drunk on Dextromethorphan, it's Blowin' Smoke #146!

Even with El Freako a little under the weather, the herf must go on...especially this episode. With a box of 262 Paradigm Lanceros on the line in the 262 By The Numbers Contest, many listeners were anxiously clutching their phones hoping for a call from the show. How did it turn out? Listen to find out!

Herfin' a new Cigar of the Day, the Cretins offered up some good tips on surviving the holiday season without going postal, and gift ideas for the Cretin on your list. Also, more weird stories from web, a new holiday themed 5 Things, and a new installment in our continuing investigative series on what the chicks are reading.

So, kick back with your favorite cigar and a double shot of holiday cheer for Blowin' Smoke #146!

Don't forget to checkout the Icelandic Phallological Museum...the Cretin wing is under construction.

Promos & Events - Herf n Nog 2012

Posted: 2011-12-23


Herf n Nog

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Allegheny Smokeworks in Blawnox, PA

1 - 6:00 p.m.

The annual post-holiday stress-relieving herf is back! Join us at Allegheny Smokeworks, the home of the Herf n Nog, for an afternoon of good friends, fine cigars, homemade egg nog and a ton of bullshit!

Bring along some food or drinks to share (not required) and some of your own homemade egg nog, if you dare! We'll spend the afternoon eatin', drinkin' and herfin'!

Mike and the gang at Allegheny Smokeworks will have the humidor stuffed, as usual, and some great post-holiday deals too.

Questions? Drop us a line via the contact link.

Blog'idor - I Can Has A Christmas Poetry

Posted: 2011-12-24

  'Twas the day before Christmas, with Stillers on the tube,
and El Freako is pondering a yule tide "Whose Boobs?"
With coffee beside him all hot steamy and black,
he started reminiscing while scratching his sack.

What a year it has been, on the Blowin' Smoke show,
"I'm such a lucky bastard for the Cretins I know,
even though they're all weird in their own little way.
Hell, one humps a goat, but who hasn't, I say?"

They do always say it, and it is always true,
that it is about people, and friends old and new.
For cigars are a binder that many don't get.
Feel bad for those bastards. They haven't lived yet.

The memories kept coming, as El Freako sat there,
and he shifted his ass, and polluted the air.
His blessings are many. His fridge-idor is full.
But what about a Havana Room shiny brass pole?

What a year it has been with sponsors galore,
262, East Coast, Island Smoke Shop, and more.
Cigar Express, Slippery Rock, and Cigars Direct too.
Look out Rodrigo! Surrender Emilio! We are coming for YOU!

El Freako is grateful for the listeners, the sponsors, and those ugly Cretin asses,
and wishes them all success and long ashes.
So here's to a bigger, longer, and better New Year
with teledildonics for all, and Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer!

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year from the Blowin' Smoke Podcast!

with apologies to Clement Clarke Moore.

Episode #147 - LIVE from the Havana room

Recorded: 2011-12-28
Cigar of the Day: Mystery Cigar

  "And surely you will pay for your pint, 
And surely I will pay for mine! 
And we will take a cup of kindness yet 
for times gone by!" That's how the song goes as we herf out 2011 with Blowin' Smoke #147!

A Mystery Cigar was herfed for the last Cigar of the Day of 2011, and a new Cigar Match battle got underway. Rolling into a new year always brings up memories of the previous and hopes for the new, and the Cretins followed suit with some personal thoughts on cigars new to them in 2011, both memorable and forgettable. Plus, door to door breast exams, assault with a deadly femur, and rewriting headlines with our Tweeps. Look out for a new installment of "What The Chicks Are Reading," and a new 5 Things that involves designer socks.

So grab your noise maker, give your auld lang syne a bath, and light one up with Blowin' Smoke #147! Happy New Year!

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