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Blog'idor - Vernal Herfing: Spring's Equinox Triggers a Happy Time. ~ by Gary Raulerson

Posted: 2012-03-02

  Life is good, the old adage states, and it is at the Raulerson's household.

Spring is around the corner, and with it the promise of warmer days, barbeques, and of course, the delicious cigar, smoked outside while playing dominos with family and friends.

Vacation plans are forming for the year. Cold weather will soon be ushered back to the north by warm southernly winds, and no more weather-necessitated, scurrying to hazy smoke filled rooms for the enjoyment of the leaf.

Although smoke filled rooms are a comfort and a social event in their own rite, nothing compares to enjoying a delicious cigar outdoors while surrounded by friends and the vernal gifts of Nature...longer and brighter days, warm breezes, and spring-time cocktails. My favorite vernal cocktail is the mint julep...a staple, especially enjoyed in Kentucky, is the quintessential drink of springtime in the South.

Yes, spring is almost here! That glorious point when the earth positions the sun over our equator and starts the rotation towards the summer solstice. The time has come to take stock of the humidor's inventory and plan for the wonderful transition from the dark, cold shrouds of winter to the warm, breezy days of spring.

Each season brings its own herfing opportunities, but not many things in life compare to the new born feeling a warm spring evening, the burn of my favorite whiskey, and the luxurious smoke bellowing from a finely wrapped cigar can bring. And all my friends, with whom I share the spring experience with, can rest assured I have done my homework this winter.

While many people's New Year's resolutions revolve around working out, losing weight, and all manner of never lasting activities, I have been on a resolute quest. I have been busy scouring the local, and sometimes other state's, ABC stores in search of new bourbons to savor, all for the glorious goal of making the best mint julep this spring. I have not faltered in my mission. I have remained strong, stayed the narrow path, and my liver has fought the good fight! This year's mint juleps will be made from....well, you'll just have to wait and see, or taste, as the case will be.

Now is the time to shake off the blanket of Ol' Man Winter, and be thankful that, although not for our unrelenting march, we are not yet to the winter of our own lives. So, lift up your glasses, light up your cigars, and toast the coming of springtime. Long ashes and long legs!

# # #

~ Gary enjoys cigars and bourbon*...often together. He loves his wife and daughter, and his goal is to be called your friend. Any man with a lesser liver would be dead, and he is truly happy when it rains. Follow Gary on Twitter HERE.

*(Actually any alcohol will do, and $1 PBRs are heaven.)

From the Man Chair - Yo, Slut!

Posted: 2012-03-06

  Hence embedded in the divine and righteous Man Chair, smoking a Cuba Libre One robusto, and still sensing residual hints of bacon in the air from Blowin' Smoke #150, I have had it up to my double chin with all this negative blabber about "sluts."

We all have slut tendencies, or we're all downright sluts for one thing or another. I've fully admitted my sluttiness for a few things over the years, much like I have admitted to being a lesbian, but that's another conversation altogether...or maybe not. Nevertheless, being a slut nowadays doesn't always refer to the most strict definition of the word, (i.e. a dirty, slovenly woman, or a prostitute) but, really, who among us doesn't go a little slovenly from time to time? I've damn near elevated it to an art form. It's a weekend. No plans. Twelve pack of ramen noodles. Remote control. Bathing optional...for three days. Oh, you've done it, and the old DMZ was more funky than George Clinton. Slut! You were slutificated. You were at slut-con definition.

Being a slut, however, often means having a very big weakness for something. For me, I'm a slut for several things. In fact, my slutpertoire seems to keep growing. I'm a bacon slut. I love bacon and all its bacony baconness. I'm also a fresh baked bread slut. When I combine my sluttiness for bacon AND fresh baked bread, I risk contracting slutorrhea. I'm also a slut for relaxing,scenic motorcycle rides, a great cup of coffee, rich, flavorful cigars, and boobies. Big or small, my inner slut doesn't care. None of my slut triggers are bad. Nobody gets hurt.

The word "slut" is used all the time and rarely does anybody bat an eye. In Seattle, you can ride the S.L.U.T Did you know that? The Who sang "I've got the hots for the sluts in the well thumbed pages of a magazine...." Carrie Bradshaw in Sex In the City asked, "Are we simply romantically challenged, or are we sluts?" Gianni Versace said, "You dress elegant women. You dress sophisticated women. I dress sluts." I'm a lancero cigar slut. One of the Cretins is a slut for guys in chaps. Another is a slut for petting zoos. What's the big slutty deal?

So, look. Stop being so damned sensitive. Stop denying it and embrace your slutitude. It stands for something...something that you believe in, something that moves you. Be proud of your slutness. Just don't expect me to pay for it.

...and that's the way I see it From the Man Chair.

Episode #152 - LIVE from the Havana Room

Recorded: 2012-03-10
Cigar of the Day: 601 La Bomba Nuclear

  Ligero and malt liquor. Sounds like Blowin' Smoke #152!

Indeed, the Cretins took the herf bait of a new Cigar of the Day pairing and history was made in the Havana Room. Not necessarily bragging rights, but a momentous occasion nonetheless.

While that was going on, we talked to Tom of Commonwealth Cedar Spills about bringing back some old school style to your cigar enjoyment. We also talked up homeless performance art, what not to do if you are arrested for DUI, what your choice of positions says about you, and revisited the posterior bottle rockets demonstrations.

Plus, a brand new installment of "what the chicks are reading," and 5 Things too.

So, grab a big 24 ouncer, a big stick, and join the herf that is Blowin' Smoke #152!

Don't forget to checkout the bottle rocket video here (You may have to sign in.),, and the buttered floor prank here.

Blog'idor - Quick 6 with Sean Williams of El Primer Mundo Cigars

Posted: 2012-03-19

  Brand new to the Blog'idor is the "Quick 6" segment. Six questions, plus a bonus...or Power Q, for some of the movers, shakers, celebrities, and or fans of the cigar industry.

I'm honored to have Sean Williams of El Primer Mundo Cigars field our inaugural "Quick 6." Let's do it!

1) Tell us about your very first cigar experience.

SW: I smoked my first cigar on New Year's 2005 on a cruise. Myself and 3 of my lifelong friends took the wives and girlfriends on a New Year's cruise and one of my buddies that had been into cigars for a while suggested we go to the piano bar and grab some drinks and smoke a cigar. I picked out a Fuente Double Chateau from the counter top humidor (only because the name sounded familiar), and sat down with my buddies and a snifter of brandy. An hour later, I was hooked!!

2) How did the birth of El Primer Mundo Cigars come about?

SW: After falling in love with cigars, I started a cigar social group in Atlanta, and started doing small cigar events in different parts of the city. I eventually started thinking of doing a cigar just for my events. I had come in contact with a few different manufacturers in doing my events. This eventually led to an opportunity to visit Nestor Plasencia's factory in Esteli, Nicaragua, to work on my first blend. I flew to Nicaragua in January of 2006 to work on my first cigar which was the Red Label which has a criollo maduro wrapper. After finishing the blend for the Red Label, we used the same binder and filler and wrapped it in a Connecticut shade wrapper. I left Nicaragua with the Red Label and Blue Label done. It would be months later before I actually put the cigars into production, and in October of that year (2006), I got placement with my first retailer.

3) Describe your most memorable moment or experience since becoming a brand owner.

SW: My most memorable moment is probably the 2010 IPCPR convention in New Orleans. I'd just launched the Liga Miami and the on the second day of the show I got swamped at my booth with orders. I thought holy shit! This was an incredible day. Then I thought holy shit! I don't have enough cigars!!

4) Describe each line under the El Primer Mundo mark as if they were a featured dish at an exclusive 5-star restaurant (that would never let me in).

SW: Wow... Ok... Well, I'm from New Orleans, so my take on the menu may be a little different... I'll try though.

The Blue Label - would probably be a blackened redfish. It's a lighter dish but it has more kick than you would expect.

The Red Label - would probably be a nice marbled ribeye. It has nice cocoa notes with a good mouth feel and a slight charred undertone.

The Black Label - would be an Etouffee(Crawfish or Shrimp.. your choice). It's going to be somewhat hearty with a subtle spice and a nice core sweetness.

The Liga Miami - would be jambalaya. It's a hearty dish that gives you a nice mix of spice, sweetness, and meatiness with the andouille and chicken.

The Epifania - would be a carpetbagger steak. It's a nice 11 oz well aged and seasoned filet mignon stuffed with fried oysters, drizzled with a little hollandaise sauce. It's nice and hearty with enough spice, light sweetness, and good mouth feel.

5) What is your opinion of social media, and what role does it play for you and El Primer Mundo?

SW: Social media is a wonderful platform! It's been a critical part of the growth of the EPM brand and my ability to connect and communicate with cigar smokers. I love being able to interact with cigar enthusiast instantly and share information and get feedback. It's a critical part of my day and I look forward to communicating with the BOTL's on a daily basis!!!

6) What can we cigar goons look forward to next from Sean Williams and El Primer Mundo Cigars?

SW: I have a couple of new lines coming out this year. Specifically, I have a new line coming out of the Calle Ocho factory in Miami that I'm really excited about. I'm staying with the Ecuadorian wrapper but doing a special size cigar with a good mix of Nicaraguan and Dominican tobaccos in the filler. I'll give you guys a heads up before it hits the streets!

Power Q - Take it to the bank. ____________ will win the NCAA Men's Basketball Championship.

SW: Syracuse!

~ Sean Williams is the Founder & President of El Primer Mundo Cigars. When not engulfed in cigar activities, and spending time with his family, he enjoys music, travel, food, bourbon, and sports.
Keep up with Sean and El Primer Mundo Cigars on their website HERE, on Twitter HERE, and on Facebook HERE.

Episode #153 - LIVE from the Havana Room

Recorded: 2012-03-24
Cigar of the Day: CAO OSA Sol 54

  Is that Colt 45 on your breath, or are you just happy to see me? Who cares? It's Blowin' Smoke #153!

With a brand new Cigar of the Day, and a couple more cans of malt liquor, the Cretins returned for another round of herfin'. Newly baptized Cretin Doug performed his community service for the week by lending his testimony to a worthy cause. We dished out a brand new 5 Things, and checked out what the chicks are reading with our continuing investigative series.

Plus, there are women hunting men for their gentleman gravy...and this is a bad thing? Also, strippers who stepped up to help some kids, personal pleasure is now as close as your local drug store, a little look back at local icon Mr. Rogers, and more.

So, fire up a well-aged stogie, kick back, and herf with us here on Blowin' Smoke #153!

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