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Pick It/Flick it - A Cretin Goes Blind

Posted: 2012-05-08

  I really enjoy blind cigar reviews. By removing any (or most) preconceptions, they're always good for a surprise or two, and sometimes some personal re-thinking. So, in the name of fun, I roped Cretin Dan into sparking up an unknown for your Pick It or Flick It pleasure. I'll unveil the cigar's identity at the end. ~ El Freako


Initial impression - Medium brown, very well wrapped, very little toothinness, but there are a few minor splotches of a lighter brown almost grey color near the foot. Robusto size, with a beautiful triple cap. There are two more prominent veins that are very noticeable in the feel of the stick. Nice and firm all around when gently squeezed. Not much aroma off of the wrapper, or the foot for that matter, just sweetly fermented tobacco. Maybe a faint leather off the wrapper.

Cap clipped beautifully with my Xikar MTX scissors. The cold draw has a nice fresh-mown hay flavor...a slight tanginess on the lips.

After a nice toast, I lit it up and was immediately hit with a pepperiness on the back of my tongue and in my throat. Nice! There isn't a lot of flavor, but the spice is strong enough that the leatheriness I am getting is kind of overwhelmed, but not in a bad way.

About an inch in, the flavor has changed a bit. I got some cedar, and a sweet hay flavor. The spice is very much like cracked black pepper on the retrohale. The tanginess is really nice...almost like there is a load of ligero in this stick, which surprised me, because when I looked at the foot, the telltale black leaves of ligero didn't seem to be there.

The ash is a light grey, almost white, and fell off on its own about an inch in. The burn line is pretty wavy, but this could be attributed to me having my own personal herf outside in my Florida room. The draw thus far has been what I consider perfect. Nice and Deliberate. Big mouthfuls of dense grey-blue smoke.

Entering the second third of the stick, the flavor has built to what I call full. Nice leather, pepper, and a roasted nutty flavor that stays long after the exhale. I really like this kind of finish on a cigar. I can still taste it after I set the stick on the ashtray. The nutty flavor reminds me of salted cashews. Salty and then sweet when it fades.

Just past halfway, the leather backed off a bit, and I'm getting a very slight caramel flavor, which is balanced very nicely with the salty cashew flavor. The finish has become creamy on my palate...absolutely coating my mouth.

Going into the last third of the stick, I'm starting to feel lightheaded. This is a stronger cigar, at least to me. The tangy spice has re-emerged, covering the sweetness.

I smoked this one as far as I could, until I couldn't hold it any longer. Just near the end, I got a little more sweetness before I had to put it down.

Final thoughts:

I really enjoyed this stick, and anyone who knows me knows my preference is for a smoke that has multiple flavor changes and keeps me interested. I would smoke this cigar again, and this one had plenty to work its way into my humidor. I give this stick 8.5/10. Definitely a Pick It!


Sooooo, any guesses from the gallery? No? Okay.

The cigar that Cretin Dan smoked and reviewed for us above was the Four Kicks Robusto from Crowned Heads. It sports an Ecuador Habano wrapper with both binder and filler from Nicaragua. In addition to the 5 X 50 Robusto, Four Kicks is also available in Corona Gorda (5 5/8 X 46), Sublime (6 X 54), Piramide (6 1/8 X 52), and Seleccion No. 5 (6 1/2 X 44) sizes. The SRP ranges from $6.95 to $8.65 for singles. Check them out. ~ El Freako

Episode #156 - LIVE from the Havana Room

Recorded: 2012-05-12
Cigar of the Day: Partagas 1845 Double Corona

  Making kosher sausage this time for Blowin' Smoke #156!

Indeed, the unofficial official Rabbi of the Blowin' Smoke Podcast, Steve, traveled to join us once again for some Havana Room herfing. Armed with a new Cigar of the Day, we set out and quickly found ourselves pairing it with vanilla yogurt. What's up with that?

We also talked about more government meddling in our humidors, and asked our Twitter friends to name a cigar for our freedom destroying politicians. Plus, riding a unicycle freestyle, working in a very specialized retail business, bucket list foods, and more. There's a new report on what the chicks are reading, and a new 5 Things too.

So, drop what you're doing, light a manly candle, spark a fine cigar, and check out Blowin' Smoke #156!

Don't forget to checkout the cool scented candles FOR GUYS we talked about on the show...Man Cans!

Episode #157 - LIVE from the Havana Room

Recorded: 2012-05-26
Cigar of the Day: Romeo y Julieta Romeo Toro

  Wishing for teflon underpants, it's Blowin' Smoke #157!

Holiday weekends are built for herfin', and the Blowin' Smoke Cretins will suffer through heat and humidity to enjoy a few choice sticks. This one was no different as we sparked a brand new cigar as the latest Cigar of the Day. Along with a new installment of "what the chicks are reading," and "5 Things," we also discussed the recent Western Pennsylvania Cigar Crawl, bacon tourism, bacon capers, cheesecake twins, and much more.

Plus, we gave you the lowdown on a sweet contest you could win! Check it out...timing is of the essence!

So, grab a favorite cigar and a frosty brew...or maybe a peanut butter vodka, and join the herf with Blowin' Smoke #157!

Don't forget to checkout that new peanut butter vodka, , and here's a list of bacon events across the country.

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