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Episode #190 - LIVE from the Havana Room

Recorded: 2013-10-11
Cigar of the Day: La Palina El Diario KBII

  And the air was filled with exquisite cigar aroma, and talk of pumpkin beer... That could only mean Blowin' Smoke #190!

Yes, the Cretins gathered 'round the MXL 770s again to see where the conversation would lead and they were not disappointed. We talked the latest Smoke Buzz with Chris Kelly, and checked in with our good friend George Rodriguez of Rodrigo Cigars to talk about his recent unfortunate accident, how he is healing up, and what exciting stuff he is working on with his Club Leaf & Bean.

We also lit up a new Cigar of the Day and that means a new Cigar Match challenger too. We heard what the chicks are reading, and got some tips from our resident zombie exterminator on where not to die. Plus, stories about the (supposed) most expensive vibrator, what to keep on your bedside table, why Viagra comes with a warning, and more.

So, grab an Oktoberfest or pumpkin brew and a spicy cigar and join the herf on Blowin' Smoke #190!

Blog'idor - The Real Secret of the Brotherhood of the Leaf

Posted: 2013-10-22

  By Jochen Konrad

So there I was sitting in a cigar bar, smoking away on a tasty Cuban stick, thinking about life, cigars and why this whole cigar thing is so damn special. Then it slowly dawned on me: Cigar smoking alone and especially with other people is a deeply spiritual experience. You might think "Come on now, we are just sitting together, talking BS and herfing away on our cigars, right?"

Yes and No. We are gathering together and practice something that could be classified as spiritual. We are not trailing endlessly on our worries, hopes and fears, not even our aspirations or desires. We are here, in the Now!

We enjoy each other’s company, the taste of a fine cigar, laughing, sharing and just being there!

We do something deeply spiritual that is good for the soul. Smoking cigars calms us down and enables us to communicate on a whole different level. We are welcoming people who we would otherwise never even talk to, who we would just walk by on the street or at work. We are including, rather than excluding, opening up to the fact that there is just the here and now, just a few good people and good cigars.

That, my friends, is the secret behind cigars and the community that seems to effortlessly build itself around some old leaves and a bit of smoke.

We are doing something that we as humans are supposed to do: Share and enjoy the human experience. Cigars put us into a place that connects us to ourselves and our social environment. We connect on a level that we rarely find somewhere else in our purpose driven lives. We just hang out, just exist.

We lose our roles that we usually play, forget about our stress and worries. We're just right there.

Cigars magically transport us to that place where it is not only necessary to just relax and enjoy, but where being in exactly that place is the only purpose, and where participating, even silently, is the only way of doing it.

We even travel beyond time and space. The proof: Who has not experienced the distortion of time that goes on when herfing away with friends? You're checking your watch and wooooow - you should be home for hours already! We travel long distances just to smoke a cigar with complete strangers. We overcome our fears and prejudices, and travel beyond borders and beyond ideas about race, politics, religion and society. We just get together and hang out together. We experience something rather than just waiting for stuff to happen.

With a cigar we don't ask "Is this good enough?", "Am I experiencing enough?" We deny any pressure entry into this experience. We don't care too much about tomorrow or yesterday. We’re just there. The cigar experience just doesn’t seem to allow us to trail off into other spaces and places.

Every cigar that we light is a doorway into the spiritual. It makes it easy for us to go right through. Since we are not alone, we get the courage to go right through and just stay in that place for while and just be. It takes us closer to our calm center of existence and we readily go there, because that is the place where we would like to hang out more. Because deep inside we know that this is the place where we actually should be ... And nowhere else.

So actually it is not the cigar, its taste or look or feel - it is where it is taking us in time and space.

It creates experience, friendship, openness, love. All the things that we as humans crave to experience - and experience more and more of it. It is not the cigar - it is what it does with us!

Maybe it is just the Mojito talking and/or the nicotine ... but there you are.

# # #

~ Dr. Jochen Konrad, AKA "The Date Doctor" is on Twitter @CrawlQueen Check out his Date Doctor On Tour website too!

Dr. Jochen Konrad is a German dating and relationship specialist - seen on TV and in various magazines in Germany. He us currently touring the eastern US to promote his books - and of course: To smoke cigars and meet good people!

Episode #191 - LIVE from the Havana Room

Recorded: 2013-10-26
Cigar of the Day: Mystery Cigar

  Is there a doctor in the house?!

Why, yes! Yes, there is! Dr. Jochen Konrad, The Date Doctor, joined the Council of Cretins as the grande finale to his #DateDoctorOnTour through Washington D.C., Virginia, and western Pennsylvania to offer the Cretins and listeners answers to their relationship questions, and promote his new e-book The Cheater's Manual. The Cretins are often told they need help. It's about time they got some!

Since he had the biggest brain in the Havana Room, Dr. K offered an assist with our investigative series on what the chicks are reading, and gave us a very helpful 5 Things too. The Smoke Buzz with Chris Kelly came with a strong warning and wake-up call about what our government is trying to do to our precious cigar lifestyle, and there was plenty of weird news to go around.

So, fire up a fine cigar, and settle in with the Cretins and The Date Doctor for some much needed therapy. It's Blowin' Smoke 191 !!

Don't forget to checkout that story about the mascot known affectionately as

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